Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Past courses offered in this program since 2009

One can search through this blog and find (most) of the courses that were offered in this program. There is a posting in this blog which lists the courses that were offered between 2004 and 2009.

Fall-Winter 2012-13:
MATH 5400 6.0: History in Mathematics for Teachers - Gibson
MATH 5410 6.0: Analysis in Mathematics for Teachers - Salisbury

Summer 2012:
MATH 5300 6.0: Computation in Mathematics for Teachers - Zhu

Fall-Winter 2011-12:
MATH 5020 6.0: Fundamentals in Mathematics for Teachers - Zabrocki
MATH 5420 6.0: Algebra for Teachers - Chan

Summer 2011:
MATH 5440 3.0 : Probability for Teachers - Madras
MATH 5430 3.0 : Statistics for Teachers - Chamberlin

Fall-Winter 2010-11:
MATH 5400 6.0: History in Mathematics for Teachers - Kochman
MATH 5450 6.0: Geometry for Teachers - Whiteley

Summer 2010:
MATH 5210 3.0 credits: Problem Solving I - Gao.
MATH 5500 3.0 credits: Topics in Mathematics for Teachers :: topic of Naive Set Theory - Burns.

Fall-Winter 2009-2010:
Math 5020 6.0: Fundamentals in Mathematics for Teachers - Zabrocki

Summer 2009:
Math 5350 3.0: An introduction to Mathematical Modeling - Discrete Time & Probability - Heffernan
Math 5360 3.0: An introduction to Mathematical Modeling - Continuous Time & Probability - Heffernan

Currently missing from this list are the education cross-listed courses. I find that the ones that I posted to this blog were later changed so I don't know if I can reliably add them to the list. I will try to update this when I find a more reliable source of information. I'm currently working on what will be offered Summer 2013 and then Fall-Winter 2013-14.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sad News

I just received the following message from Walter Whiteley:

Our colleague in Mathematics Education, Professor Margaret Sinclair, passed away earlier today, at home surrounded by her family. Margaret Sinclair is survived by her husband, her five children, and a number of grandchildren. There will be an obituary in the Toronto Star tomorrow - with details on the visitation, and funeral.

Margaret graduated from our MA in Mathematics for Teachers program (where I first met her) while a full time high school teacher and then completed a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education at OISE/U of T, while working as a vice-principle in a high school. Margaret then came to York in the Faculty of Education, where she received Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor. In her too brief time at York, Margaret had a major impact on a number of programs - including co-developing the Mathematics for Education program in the Mathematics Department, and also developing closer collaborations at the Graduate Level designed to help the MA in Mathematics for Teachers become a better pathway for others to a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education.

Margaret Sinclair contributed so much, and held the promise of many more contributions to her students, her colleagues, and to York University. She showed great energy, organization and dedication in all the tasks she accepted - ad the results were impressive.

I spoke with Margaret briefly on Saturday on the phone - just before flying to Europe for a workshop.
Margaret Sinclair will be truly missed by all who knew her.

Walter Whiteley

Friday, February 10, 2012

Summer 2012

Summer courses have been posted and registered students should have received an announcement from Primrose about the courses offered by the Mathematics & Statistics department.

Summer 2012 - May 7 through Aug 3 - running Tuesdays & Thursdays - 6-9pm - CC 318 - Hongmei Zhu
Math 5300: 6.0 Computation in Mathematics for Teachers

In addition, the faculty of education is running one of the cross listed courses:

Summer 2012 - May 2 through June 27 - running Wednesdays - 5-9pm - YL 234 - Ami Mamolo
Math 5840: 3.0 Learning Environments in Mathematics