Saturday, March 7, 2009

Grades for a graduate program at York university

Students I have spoken to about grades in this program are surprised at the grading system when they finally encounter it. I should point out that the numerical grading scale that is published on the York website for undergraduate courses does not apply to graduate courses. There is no such scale that says 90-100 = A+, etc. for graduate courses.

The following is an excerpt from the graduate calendar:

Grades will be awarded for every course in which a student is enrolled in accordance with the following system:
A+ (Exceptional)
A (Excellent)
A- (High)
B+ (Highly Satisfactory)
B (Satisfactory)
C (Conditional)
F (Failure)
I (Incomplete)

A student who received in total any of the following combinations of grades for graduate courses may not continue to be registered in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and in a graduate program unless this continuation is recommended by the graduate program director concerned and approved by the Dean:
(a) two C grades for full courses;
(b) one C grade for a full course and one C grade for a half course;
(c) a total of three C grades for half courses.
(a) one F grade for a full course or two F grades for half courses; or
(b) one F grade for a half course and one C grade for a full or half

I encourage you to read all of the regulations at:

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