Thursday, March 5, 2009

More probable Fall-Winter 2009-10 offereings

The mathematics department will be offering in the Fall-Winter 2009-10 year

R 6-9pm MATH 5020 6.0: Fundamentals in Mathematics for Teachers
M 7-10pm MATH 5410 6.0: Analysis for Teachers

We don't have Summer 2010 planned yet but are thinking about 'Math 5200: Problem Solving' or possibly I would like to offer it as another pair of 3.0 credit courses.

I have sent a message to the Education department and they just responded that they would be offering the following courses:

MATH 5900/EDUC 5841 Cr=3.00 Thinking about Teaching Mathematics - Fall 2009
MATH 5840/EDUC 5840 Cr=3.00 Mathematics Learning Environments - Winter 2010
EDUC 5215 Cr=3.00 Research in Mathematics Education - Summer 2010

The last class is not cross listed with our program but can be applied for through the graduate program director. Also I think that the Summer 2010 (since it is more than a year away) is still somewhat tentative. This past year our program was allowed limited enrollment in the education courses because they are not Math courses too. The limited enrollment was granted to those that had seniority in the program.

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